My app needs to work offline because we have problems with signal internet 3G and can't downloading images from our servers. Somebody know how can do it ?

Now I'm using API Arcgis JS 3.1 and my basemap is

var basemap = new esri.layers.OpenStreetMapLayer();

I'm trying to install a OpenStreetMap local server in Ubuntu VM. I will check it.


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try gmapcatcher - just found it last night but it seems to do the trick for us (see this question - search and rescue team needs satellite imagery while in the field, offline - I thought we specifically needed ESRI World Imagery, but bing uses the same 0.3m-per-pixel in our area)

You can download the tiles while online, then transfer them to your offline system by portable hard drive etc. Surely there's a way to reshuffle the downloaded tile files into such a structure that the local map server can serve them. (a script if nothing else - surely someone's already done this??)

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