I'm wanting to deploy a geometric network to Sql Azure, where clients can trace through it.

The Spatial Data Services Deployment Utility allows me to deploy each featureclass from a geometric network into its own Azure Spatial Data Service. However, I don't see a way to perform traces. Since Sql Server Spatial Tools still can't be deployed to Azure I would not even be able to roll my own tracing.

Is there a way to host a Geometric network in Sql Azure with tracing functionality exposed?


I heard back from an Esri rep that this is not currently supported, but hinted that it might be in the future.

I guess this means that until then, if I want to put a geometric network into the cloud, I'll need to use Amazon EC2. Another Esri rep I spoke with at the Dev Summit said there won't be any OOTB tracing in 10.1, and recommended that I write an SOE that exposes tracing capabilities implemented with arcobjects. It appears that ArcFM supports this at 10.0.1.

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