I have a couple of Landsat 7 images and they all have striping as a result of the SLC failure. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to destripe the image using ENVI? I plan to use these images for NDVI analysis.

When I downloaded the data from GloVis, it also came with a Gap Mask folder...is that somehow related to the SLC-Off?

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Save this Landsat Gapfill IDL Model into the ENVI extensions folder:

  • Application extensions folder - "C:\Program Files\Exelis\ENVI5[minor version]\extensions"
  • User extensions folder - "C:\Users\[user name]\.idl\envi\extensions5_[minor version]".

E.g for ENVI 5.3 "C:\Program Files\Exelis\ENVI53\extensions" or "C:\Users\MyUserName\.idl\envi\extensions5_3"

In version 5 it will be under Extensions > Landsat_gapfill menu. It is fairly straightforward to understand the usage.

  • Hi Jeffrey. Thanks for your solutions. The extension worked perfectly in my case. I was wondering if the algorithm was published in an article? also, do you know any program or lib with Python that can deal with gap-filling? Thanks
    – Yuhao Wu
    Commented Feb 8, 2020 at 17:02

Yes you can but I don't see why you need Landsat 7 and just use the Landsat 8. It will save you a lot of your time but..if you really want to use that Landsat 7.

you can go here Filling the Gaps for Display

Yes I agree with dblanchett.


first of all, download the landsat_destripe file from exelis website. If you are using Envi 5.0, find the save_add folder in your installation destination and put it in there.

Fire up Envi Classic -> Basic tools -> Preprocessing -> General purpose utilities -> Landsat ETM+ Destriping.

Follow the GUI.


If there is no reason you have to use Landsat 7, then you should be able to get coverage for the same area with either Landsat 5 or 8 and not worry about the SLC issue.


I am not an expert in GIS, so I tried to find a workaround. My workaround was based on using a combination of ENVI and ArcGIS.

I overcame the problem in a bit of a different way and am sure there might be an even easier way of achieving the same result. The SLC error problem and solution I came up with is here:


Hopefully it is of some use.

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