I need to learn tracking server 10. I couldn't find any download link to download trial version of tracking server. Where can i download tracking server 10?


The same question was asked by someone else on the ArcGIS Discussion Forums 18 months ago and the advice offered there was:

To get a trial version of Tracking Server, you will need to contact your Account Manager, Regional Office or local Distributor (if you are located outside of the US). If your organization happens to be in the EDN (Esri Developer Network) program, then you already have access to Tracking Server 10.1 and you can download it on your own.

However, it should be noted from the ArcGIS Tracking Server Community page that:

Version 10.1 was the last release of Tracking Server. At 10.2 a new ArcGIS for Server extension called ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor was released.

and that this is reinforced on the Tracking Server page where it says:

With the release of ArcGIS 10.2, ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server is replacing Tracking Server as Esri's primary server technology for real-time GIS.

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