I have a 6 mile line that I need to make a point every 500 ft on it. Any idea what tool I can use to do this? I have arcmap 10.1 standard.

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You can also use the construct points tool from the "Editor" toolbar.

  • Open the mxd which has your linear dataset.
  • Then create a blank point dataset into which you would like the points to go into.
  • Start an editing session on the point dataset.
  • Select your line and then click on "Editor > Construct points" enter image description here

You will now see an option to add points at set distances along your line. The units used here will be the same units as your mxd.

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In edit mode you can use the Construct points... tool, available under the Editor drop-down menu in the Editor toolbar.

You need a (empty) point shapefile as a target for the created points and your line. Define at which distance you want your points, the starting point etc.


The Densify-Tool can be used to accomplish this. It´s available with Standard and Advanced License.

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