I've got a plugin where I load some layers. After the last layer loaded, I show the attribute table.

However, I would like to select the form view and not the table view (see image).

How can I do this in Python?

Attribute table layout options

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On QGIS v.2.6 you can open the Attribute table in form view (attribute editor) mode, this way:

  1. Load a layer into QGIS and make it active (that is, click on its name in the ToC).
  2. Open the QGIS Python console.
  3. Paste the following code snippet there:

    from qgis.gui import QgsDualView
    dv = QgsDualView()
    dv.init( iface.activeLayer(), iface.mapCanvas() )
    dv.setView( QgsDualView.AttributeEditor )

And you get (yeah, I know it lacks the toolbar at the top, but that's the most you can get from PyQGIS :D) this:

enter image description here

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