I would like to create the shortest route starting from one specific point in a network out of 12 different points. I know how to get the shortest route by clicking each point after the other to give arcgis the order. but what i wanna do is to just give the starting point and let arcgis calculate the best/shortest route out of all these points.

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You should use the Reorder Stops To Find Optimal Route option.

By default, a route traverses stops in the order you define. However, you can possibly shorten the route further by letting Network Analyst find the best order. It will account for a variety of variables, such as time windows. Another option is to preserve the origin and destination while allowing Network Analyst to reorder the intermediary stops.

When you check this property, the route analysis changes from a shortest-path problem to a traveling salesperson problem (TSP).

Create a Route network layer > open Layer Properties window.

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