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One-to-many joins in QGIS [duplicate]

I am looking for a possibility to make a one-to-many table-join in QGIS. I have a shapefile with postal codes and would like to join them with survey results (more than one). In other words, there is ...
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Join multiple rows to a single feature in QGIS [duplicate]

I have this kind of csv attribute table: ID INVENT_KPV KASVUKOHA_KOOD RINDE_KOOD PUULIIGI_KOOD VANUS 297945203711 2009.08.31 MO 1 KS 60 297945203711 2009....
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How to deal with M:1 joins in QGIS? [duplicate]

I have run into a problem that I see has been posted previously, but none of the posted solutions seem to solve my problem. I have: A shapefile (with geometry) with a single row for many counties. A ...
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Mapping election results using QGIS losing data? [duplicate]

I tried mapping a table that does not have a spatial geometric component (CSV file) into a shapefile in QGIS with a common ID column. But I noticed that most of the data which is on the CSV file does ...
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How to join repeated values to the same feature using QGIS? [duplicate]

I new to QGIS, and programming in general. I'm trying to join a csv file with another file that is already in the project. However, the csv file has repeated values that should allocate to the same ...
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shapefile and multiple lines of census data QGIS [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to join multiple records to single feature? I am hoping to be able to link in the attribute table more than one line of data from a census entry per polygon. for example ...
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How to join two tables and convert joined table to a vector layer containing points in QGIS? [duplicate]

I have one table that contains 450 locations and a table that has 10'000 rows containing data and no spatial information. I have a column that allows me to join them. The issue is that I want to have ...
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How can I create a new layer from a one-to-many Relation in QGIS? [duplicate]

I am using QGIS 2.14 and am working with two layers: a layer of US Census Blocks and a layer of information on internet providers within each block. The internet provider layer is a CSV flat file, and ...
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How do I join multiple features with a single geometry-less table entry? [duplicate]

I have three features with the same ID, let's say "5". I also have a corresponding text table containing IDs among other info (for example a "category" value). I want to join the table with the ...
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How to access attributes from linked tables (QGIS 2.14.2 Essen) [duplicate]

I have one source shapefile like this: It consist the geographical coordinates of weather stations: And several attribute files, which contain the Temperature data of each date for several years I ...
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Link multiple value from table to point shapefile [duplicate]

In QGis 2.18 is there a way to link (like join) a table with multiple value for each ID CODE with a Point shapefile with only 1 point for each ID CODE?? (picture in annex) It would be fine also a ...
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qgis One to Many Relationship [duplicate]

When I enter point id 1790 result join is only one input. I won from list all id_gm to be shown in atribute table of layer tacka6. Can this be done in Qgis? Solution
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Join and export .csv file as .shp in QGIS?

Here's what I'm trying to achieve: Load the required GIS layer (*.shp file) Load the .csv file in QGIS Perform the join based on common attributes in the two files Export the mapped .csv file as a ....
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Querying through Relations

Right now I am stumped on how to get two layers to interact. I have one layer that is just a map with town borders, with attributes for town codes. My other layer are data for businesses, wages for ...
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Copying dbf data into shapefile using ArcPy?

How do I perform a one-to-many join in a python script, from a dbf to a shapefile? I saw (Greg Krakow's method) using QGIS, but I can't use it (I'm working on it, but QGIS is not yet recognize as an ...
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