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Slope layer with false results in QGIS? [duplicate]

After the DEM creation, I wanted to create slope layer. However, the result has not satisfied me. I don't think the slope map is correct. Have you ever encountered false calculated terrain map? ...
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Slope values are not accurate in QGIS? [duplicate]

Edit: Yes, using a DEM for a bigger area worked. However, now I'm getting crazy slope values, everything is around 90 degrees. It's a hillside vineyard, I don't think it's vertical. I am trying to ...
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Do I need z scale factor? [duplicate]

I am making a slope raster in QGIS from DEM. My DEM was made using WGS84 coordinates system. Do I need to be using a z scale conversion factor ? If so what would that be?
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QGIS Slope Analysis produces strange values [duplicate]

I am performing a slope analysis (Raster>Analysis>Slope) of a US Geological Survey DEM. I am calculating the slope of a raster DEM saved as a TIF. I set up the slope analysis as per the picture ...
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Incorrect slope values for points in QGIS [duplicate]

I'm trying to determine the slope of sampling points in QGIS 3.4, but the values are all ~89.99°, which I know is incorrect. Pretty sure it's an issue when creating the slope raster. Based on the ...
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Scale and Z factor have no effect on hillshade analysis in QGIS

I used an SRTM DEM to create a hillshade in QGIS 2.2.0. However, the resultant hillshade seems to be vertically exaggerated. Also, changing the settings for scale and z-factor does not have any effect ...
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Hillshade shows grid texture artifacts

I tried to make an hillshade and a slope map from a DTM using QGIS but the result shows some artifacts. As you can see in the picture there is a grid texture in the hillshade and the slope map. I ...
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Calculating Slope from DEM in QGIS

I have a world DEM raster in QGIS in EPSG:4326 with elevation units in meters. I'm trying to get a raster of the slope of the terrain, and I'm doing so using the "Slope" tool under "...
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'Scale' value in slope percent map in QGIS? [duplicate]

What value should be used for scale while calculating slope percent in QGIS? Some documents suggest is as 111120 and some as 365130. I am using ESPG 4326 projection and do I need to convert this ...
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Strange output from QGIS Raster Terrain Analysis plugin

This is closely related to several other questions on this site: here, here, here etc. However, my issue is not resolved by following the answers provided. I am using the Raster Terrain Analysis ...
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QGIS/GDALDEM SLOPE Output Has Contoured Or Terraced Texture

I have been trying to greatly reduce or eliminate the contour-like texture that appears in my output from gdaldem slope. The image, below, demonstrates this textural effect. The texture of the ...
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QGIS: smooth crs transformation

I have an elevation-raster in .hgt format with CRS EPSG:4326. My aim is to calculate aspect and slope which - as far as I understand - are difficult to obtain when using geographic CRS. Projected CRS ...
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