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Changing spatial reference of Map using ArcPy in ArcGIS Pro

Steps: I am loading an aprx from a template, which is in WGS84 spatial reference. Then I do some processes. Finally, I want to change the MAP's spatial reference (WGS84) to another, which I get from ...
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What does "del aprx" at the end of Python code do? [closed]

Often times a Python code for ArcGIS Pro requires the statement "del aprx" at the very end, what does this statement do and is it necessary? I recently ran a Python snippet changing data ...
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Writing Python script to batch import .mxd to .aprx

I'm attempting to write a Python script that finds all of the .mxd files in my local directories, imports them into a blank .aprx, and then saves them as an .aprx file. I'm able to successfully locate ...
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ArcGIS Pro - Open .aprx files to edit file paths

Two times a year a positional check of railway assets is performed in ArcGIS Pro for 21 different areas by receiving updated data. Every half a year in each area new data is automatically prepared in ...
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Is there an aprx doctor?

Is there a way to recover a non functioning aprx file? In ArcMap you could use mxd doctor, but from what I've seen ESRI don't have anything like that for ArcGIS Pro.
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Opening ArcGIS Pro project (*.aprx) in QGIS

I have a project (APRX) in ArcGIS Pro and I want to open it in QGIS. Is there a way to do it?
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7 votes
3 answers

Renaming ArcGIS Pro project, APRX, file geodatabase and toolbox?

Using ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1 I created a project called TestProject in its own folder. As expected an examination of the TestProject folder in Windows Explorer showed that it contained TestProject.aprx, ...
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