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Tools that can be used to show whether the point features are scattered or compact

I am using ArcMap 10.8. For the shapefile of hospitals, I want to show that they are either scattered or congested within a given area. Is there any tool I can use for that? I am very new to this.
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I want to use create legislative district polygons based on watersheds using QGIS, preferably

Generically, the problem is to take small polygons (HUC 12 watersheds intersected with counties and/or minor civil divisions) and disolve those into larger polygons that meet a couple of criteria: ...
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AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'length' when running function for compactness

I want to calculate compactness indices for geometries I have in a geodataframe. I'm using the following function as was mentioned here (Measuring compactness in Python) by Kadir in order to ...
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Measuring compactness in Python [closed]

I have set of polygons whom I would like to check their compactness. I'm working in Jupyter Notebook and my geometry is GeoPandas. I would like to try Polsby-Popper test and Schwartzberg test (and ...
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