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Acronym for "Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol"

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Transform coordinate from rotated lat/lon to normal lat/lon WGS84

I have access to an OPeNDAP service that allows me to peek into a humongous ocean wave dataset. It takes latitude and longitude as inputs (in fact even a range of the two) - but the coordinate system ...
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gdal_translate and openweathermap xyz url

I'm trying to fetch OpenWeatherMap GeoTIFF layers using gdal_translate from the website{z}/{x}/{y}.png?appid=API_KEY I used this command: ...
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Extracting a time interval from NetCDF-data in ArcMap Desktop 10.4

In ArcMap 10.4 (advanced licence) I have added a netcdf-file with EU-temperature-over-time data (time being every day between 1995 to 2016). I just need the year 2010 from this data, but I'm still ...
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Using QGIS' "network protocol" to import data from OPeNDAP?

After looking at the OPeNDAP documentation I assumed I could import data into QGIS by downloading the .ascii file OPeNDAP generates. However the downloaded OPeNDAP .ascii doesn't seem to be compatible ...
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Setting up THREDDS catalogs for ocean model data

I've got a bunch of NetCDF files from ocean modeling runs. Some are 3-day forecasts that are run daily, some are hindcast runs where each hindcast is split into multiple files like ocean_his_0001....
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