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Querystring is information that is send across to the destination using destination url.

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Filling out field with matching between existing field value and file name in QGIS

I need to fill out new fields using "Field Calculator" in QGIS. What do I need to load in those fields? URL's containing the path to a image file (we can use the statement 'base_file_name'). ...
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Select by attributes ModelBuilder - text string partial values for parameter

I have a feature class of suburbs that I want to do a select by attribute on the Locality (=suburb names) field, passing a user input string parameter to selection expression. I have the query ...
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How to set up a querystring for a MapServer layer?

I am trying to query a MapServer layer via URL, but I am having trouble finding syntax examples. I want to use the indexquery mode and found this documentation
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Select by Attributes - Strings with < 5 characters

I have a column of zip codes which are strings. Most of them are the usual 5 digit zip codes, but some are only 3 digits or missing a digit. (keep in mind, I need this column as strings for other ...
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TinyOWS on IIS 7.5 as FastCGI does not see GET query string?

I'm trying to set up TinyOWS on IIS 7.5 as a FastCGI application. I've got the binary allowed in 'ISAPI and CGI restrictions', configured the handler for my virtual directory, set the ...
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Conditional calculation of Text field value based on another text field value using ArcGIS Desktop? [duplicate]

In ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 I created a new field to explain some zoning codes in an attribute Table. I basically want the new field "Zone" to have a string value based on the field "Zoning". For example ...
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