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2 votes
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How to divide polygon into equal length but irregular widths based on depth and coastline

I've been having issues with dividing my polygon (coastline to 300ft depth contour around Oahu) on ArcGIS Pro 3.1.0. I need to create 100 equal-length polygons along the coastline, but the other side ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Divide spatial hexagon in equal areas (pies) in r

I have a grid of hexagons that is being used to create a model per hexagon. I would like for each hexagon to be divided into 3 or 6 equal areas so that I can use 2/3 of the hexagon total area to train ...
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1 answer

Using ST_Union to aggregate polygon parts resulting of ST_SubDivide leads to a GEOS TopologyException

Follow up on this topic: Optimizing an intersection between a single massive multipolygon (WKT) and many features from PostGIS I noticed I have to run an ANALYZE (not VACUUM ANALYZE!) on the table for ...
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