In QGIS I trying to wrap my arms around it so please bear with me.

I have vector files (DXF) that I need to add back in the georeferencing. They were edited with Illustrator so I loose all georeferencing when saved as a .DXF. Now I have matching images where I have the corner coordinates. I would like to use those to put back into the dxf. Is this possible?

I am still reading up on QGIS but have not for a process other that "pixel-point" type referencing which will not work for my needs.

Is there a Plugin perhaps?

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Since the 1.10 version of GDAL/OGR, you can now "georeference" vectors layers (Add ability to transform vectors based on GCPs in ogr2ogr) with translations, rotations and shearing

ogr2ogr -gcp 5 -135 0 0 \
     -gcp 283 -135 1000 0 \
     -gcp 5 278 0 1000 \
     -gcp 283 278 1000 1000 \
     -f "ESRI shapefile" gcppolyg2.shp gcppolyg.shp

enter image description here enter image description here

This feature has been implemented in QGIS in a Processing/Toolbox script and two new plugins.

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