I just had a meeting with an Esri distributor and learned that Portal for ArcGIS will not be an extension but instead will be a part of ArcGIS for Server beginning from 10.3.

We currently do not have either Server or Portal products and will invest on both of them. In current version (10.2) if we buy ArcGIS Server and the Portal Extension what we will pay for Portal will be as much as what we pay to Server.

Below is the question they cannot answer; Is there a possibility to have the price of the Server 10.3 product (which will include Portal as well) remain the same with 10.2?

Because if that will be the case, investing for both products now will be a total loss of money. But I do not really think they will double the Server price in 10.3 version since it will then be a problem for the customers that require Server but not Portal.

Anyone had similar past experiences with Esri and give me an idea how to proceed?

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I am unsure which Esri Distributor you are referring to, but be aware that each Distributor has their own company policies.

I am part of Esri's ArcGIS for Server product management team and my technical focus is on ArcGIS for Server, Portal for ArcGIS, & Web mapping.

I am happy to discuss this item further via direct contact.

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