I am trying to create a point raster file of the highest (red) kernel densities (figure 1), which places one GPS location at the centre of each of the cells within the highest kernel density bins.

I have tried to merge my kernel into a mosaic raster but this loses data and is continuous, which for further analysis in maxent I need discreet values.

I have also tried converting the kernel plots to point raster but this creates the entire extent of my study site and not my highest kernel bin, as suggested in http://www.researchgate.net/post/Is_there_any_way_in_ArcGIS_to_calculate_the_Latitude_and_Longitude_of_each_pixel.

Are there any tools i have overlooked which address this?

Forgive me if they are obvious. ARC GIS 10.1

enter image description here.


Presumably the red areas are a single value? If so you could:

  1. Extract by attribute.
  2. Convert to polygon.
  3. Finally extract the centroid.
  4. Optionally extract the coordinates of the points.

If you were going to do this on many datasets you could easily wrap this workflow up in a fairly simple model.

  • This is very helpful and is nearly what I need, but I was thinking more along the lines of one GPS location for each cell with the kernel density (ie 1km2 x 20 cells). Maybe a grid from the polygons that were just create to point would achieve this? – Mr Angus Oct 15 '14 at 13:26

Thanks Hornbydd,

I adapted your method. What i did was

1.Firstly i created a point raster file for my entire extent of my map as suggested by "http://www.researchgate.net/post/Is_there_any_way_in_ArcGIS_to_calculate_the_Latitude_and_Longitude_of_each_pixel." and set the point to be 1km2 apart.

2.Reclassified the kernel density models

3.extracted by attribute ("value">3), This was representative of my highest kernel (Red)

4.Then converted to polygon (raster to polygon tool)

  1. Then i clipped the highest kernel polygon to step one, this created a series of 1km2 points within the kernel

  2. Then I added xy coordinates (add xy coordinates)

  3. Then extracted the table as a .txt file, and changed it to .csv

8.Imported this into MAxent

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