Is there an analogue to Esri's "Feature Set" in QGIS modeller. I am interested in creating a model that allows the user to place a point feature on a map as an input variable for a geoprocessing model. I've done this in ModelBuilder, but want to replicate the effort in QGIS.

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I think the only way to do this currently is to instruct the user to create a point layer (with one point) which is then used as vector layer input in the Processing model.

As far as I know, the Processing scripts and models currently don't provide any user interaction capabilities.

If you need user interactions, you can write a plugin instead. The plugin would take care of the interaction handling and can call Processing functions if needed.


In modern QGIS you can use the Point Input in combination with Create Layer from Point algorithm to achieve this. See also How to actually use the Point Input for other algorithms.

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