I have some census tract polygons with language spoken at home attribute data behind them. I created them in ArcMap and produced a dot density map. However, after importing to AGOL it's only the polygons. I am aiming to create a swipe map comparing two maps visualizing the growth of language outwards from the city to suburbs over 20 years.

Here's a before and after image of the tracts in ArcMap, then AGOL: enter image description here

enter image description here


This is possible in the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API using the Dot Density Renderer:

The DotDensityRenderer provides the ability to create dot density visualizations on data. A dot density map can be used to visualize the variation in spatial density of a discrete spatial phenomenon.

There is a sample available here.

(I'm not sure whether it's possible out-of-the-box in ArcGIS Online, so you may need to build something yourself using the JS API.)

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