I have two files in MapInfo Professional:

  • A mapped 'Network' file
  • A non-mapped 'data' file.

They have similar data in terms of their 'link ID'

I have created a number of columns in the 'network' file which are blank. These mirror exactly the type and name of the columns in the 'data' file. I'm updating the columns of the network file e.g. 'SumObs' from the 'SumObs' in the 'data' file.

This works with the 'Update Column' tool.

However, it is painfully slow, even with FASTEDIT ON. It took overnight to complete one column, and considering I have 8 columns for 4 similar files this will take all month!

Is there a quicker way?


As commented by @hc91:

it was Table Maintenance - Pack Tables that helped. It is also faster with the FASTEDIT on and by not having so many 'Float' columns.

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