I have seen this question and have tried the code suggested: Adapting ESRI ArcGIS API for JavaScript Feature Layer With Selection sample for use in Configurable Map Viewer (CMV)

But I have been unable to get it to work. I also want to change the result from the sum to the average.

Here is my error report from chrome development tools My error report

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For your first issue: it appears that the template file for your widget is missing, inaccessible or corrupt. Based on the code posted in the linked example, the template file is './Select/templates/Select.html'. Check that file to ensure it is valid.

For your second issue: to do a simple average, you would take the sum calculated in the example code this.productionSum and divide by the number of features event.features.length. Something like:

this.productionAVG = (this.productionSum / event.features.length)

Be sure to handle a possible divide by zero error in the cases where no features are returned by the selection.

  • tmcgee answered the second half of this question in here
    – Fiter
    Commented Jan 15, 2015 at 16:35

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