I originally had this FindLabel function (which works)...

def FindLabel ( [NAME], [Count_]  ):
  if [Count_] != None:
    return [NAME] +'\n' + "Well Log Count: " + [Count_]

I wanted to format the font of the second line only, after '\n', using formatting tags. This is what I tried, and it did not work...

def FindLabel ( [NAME], [Count_] ):
  if [Count_] != None:
   return"[NAME] +'\n' +  "<FNT name='Arial' size='13'>" & "Well Log Count: " + [Count_] & "</FNT>

I also tried to set a variable, and this did not work either...

def FindLabel ( [NAME], [Count_] ):
  myCount = "<FNT name='Arial' size='13'>" &  "Well Log Count: " + [Count_] & "</FNT>
  if [Count_] != None:
   return"[NAME] +'\n' +  myCount

Any thoughts?


This is python, and in your examples you're using the ampersand (&) to concatenate your string. You don't do this in the unformatted example that works. Use the plus sign - + - instead.Ampersand is used in VBScript.

  • No problem. In VBScript you can use either the ampersand or the plus sign to concatenate strings, but Python uses either the plus sign or commas - e.g. print 'a', 'b' - (at least as far as concatenating in this fashion; there are other methods, such as join(), etc. )
    – recurvata
    Feb 24 '15 at 15:34

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