I have a feature layer that contains 12 items with the same defined style. But I want to change each item to have a unique symbol when rendered.

var Layer = new FeatureLayer("http://...my map server.../0");

Layer.graphics.forEach(function (entry) {
    // loop through each item

    var symbol = new PictureMarkerSymbol({ "url":"/images/icons/fid_" + entry.attributes.FID + ".png", "height":20, "width":20 });  
    var renderer = new esri.renderer.SimpleRenderer(symbol);  
    Layer.setRenderer(renderer); // <-- this appears to override all previous items


I omitted some code to keep this simple; what I have now sets a symbol, but it's the symbol of the last entry that is looped for all items.

I need each entry to have a unique symbol defined by its FID (0-11)

I've search through ArcGIS's JavaScript API docs and can't find anything that addresses this.


I think you are looking for the UniqueValueRenderer, which will allow you to symbolize features by attributes.


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