First of all, I'd say that I'm completely newb at maps related stuff... I am trying to install TileCache and configure it to use Mapnik to render tiles from OpenStreetMaps. I managed to setup the Tilecache basic CGI conf, but now I do not know how can I continue with setting up Mapnik and my own tiles because I am not able to find any tutorial on the net explaining the steps for a complete TileCache setup for OSM and Mapnik (neither in TileCache's web it is explained), and, since it is the first time I deal with WMS and maps rendering and so on, I find difficult to understand the proccess... Could somebody help me, please?

BTW, I need this to run on Windows Vista/7

Thanks in advance!


Did you read the OSM Mapnik tutorial on the OSM wiki or any of the other tutorials online?

Now you will find it much harderto do this on Windows, so for every single component of those tutorials, you are going to need to find a Windows port - not fun.

Do yourself a favor and download Cygwin and OSGeo4W which will provide 90% of the components you need ported to Windows already.

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