I have a question related to connecting points in QGIS. I am doing a project relating to transport. I have a layer of points (bus stops) and I have to connect them according to a timetable (as runs a bus line). Lines must proceed on the road (I have layer of roads combined with OpenStreetMap). I found the plugin Online Routing Mapper, but in this plugin are only two points (start and stop) and making line where each has 15 or more points is time-consuming. Can someone please me to prompt another method of how to do it? The plugin of which I mentioned would meet my needs if I could add more points.


There is an experimental QGIS plugin (you need to mark "Show also experimental plugins" in Plugins|Settings) named PointsToPaths that converts points to lines with verticies grouped by a text or integer field and ordered by an integer or date string field. You can try out it.


You can also try Points2One plugin. It converts points to lines.


Thanks for your advice. However, the lines must run along existing roads (marking the buses lines) and this is my main problem. Using these plug-ins I combine points with stright lines.

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