How can I add custom paper sizes to the presets under the Composition tab?

If I save and reuse a template, only the Item properties are saved, not the Composition items, so I have to change the width and height of the paper every time.

  • Could you be more specific with your steps? I just customized my paper size and saved the template and reused with all properties i changed preserved. I'm trying to pinpoint where the issue may be with what your doing. Also, which version of QGIS are you using?
    – whyzar
    Commented Feb 21, 2016 at 5:22
  • If you chose custom under the presets you can enter your own dimensions. As for the composition tab you cannot save these settings in a print template (qpt-file) but only in a QGIS project (qgs-file). This looks to me like a WAD (WorkAsDesigned). Not sure what whyzar is saving? I tested in a Fedora QGIS 2.10.1 environment.
    – Jakob
    Commented Feb 22, 2016 at 8:55

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The way I've done it in QGIS3 is via a simple python script that runs on QGIS startup. In the QGIS APPDATA folder (on Windows, this is found via Settings>User Profiles>Open Active Profile folder - then going back up to the QGIS/QGIS3 folder, or %appdata% -> QGIS/QGIS3)

Once you're there. Create a new file called startup.py (or edit the one there if there already is one), edit the file, and add in these lines:

from qgis.core import QgsApplication, QgsPageSize, QgsLayoutSize, QgsUnitTypes

pageSizeRegistry = QgsApplication.pageSizeRegistry()

and then add in the page sizes you want:

pageSizeRegistry.add(QgsPageSize('reportsmall', QgsLayoutSize( 146,245, units=QgsUnitTypes.LayoutMillimeters), 'Report - Small'))

Save it, open QGIS, and your new paper size should be there in the page size options.

You can add a bunch of other page sizes via this method.

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