I have MODIS NDVI data of four months and I have to calculate NDVImax.

I am using the Raster Calculator of ArcGIS and have been using various algorithms like [MAX ("june2000", "july2000" , "august2000", "september2000")] or [(MAX ("june2000", "july2000" , "august2000", "september2000")]

I tried the same in ERDAS Imagine with Global MAXIMUM function, of which i have attache an image, enter image description herebut I am not able to get any results.

Can anyone help?

  • Fix title of your question, it is misleading – FelixIP Mar 20 '16 at 19:59

I would recommend the ArcGIS Cell Statistics (Spatial Analyst) tool for this type of analysis. Make sure to choose the "MAXIMUM" overlay statistic.

enter image description here

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