I am trying to build a raster-brick from a netCDF file (network Common Data Form)

leave this link for more information () but to make a brick (which is part of the package raster) throws me the following error:

Loading required namespace: ncdf4 Failed with error: ‘there is no package called ‘ncdf4’’ Error: requireNamespace("ncdf4") is not TRUE

after that try installing the package ncdf4 but throws the following error when trying to install:

Error, nc-config not found or not executable. This is a script that comes with the netcdf library, version 4.1-beta2 or later, and must be present for configuration to succeed. If you installed the netcdf library (and nc-config) in a standard location, nc-config should be found automatically. Otherwise, you can specify the full path and name of the nc-config script by passing the --with-nc-config=/full/path/nc-config argument flag to the configure script. For example: ./configure --with-nc-config=/sw/dist/netcdf4/bin/nc-config

Special note for R users:

To pass the configure flag to R, use something like this: R CMD INSTALL --configure-args="--with-nc-config=/home/joe/bin/nc-config" ncdf4 where you should replace /home/joe/bin etc. with the location where you have installed the nc-config script that came with the netcdf 4 distribution.

How I can resolve this error?

I am new user in Linux, my Linux distro is Linux mint 17.1 and my version of R is 3.2.2

  • Have you installed netcdf4 on your system? – Richard Law May 3 '16 at 20:51
  • 1
    Install the netcdf develepment system (not R) packages first - sudo apt-get install libnetcdf-dev should do it. – Spacedman May 4 '16 at 15:29

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