In the QGIS properties of a layer I want to activate "draw line only inside polygon" for a specific layer, but using Python. I don't want to use the GUI for it.

Can this be done?

I set the line width with the following code:

props['line_width'] = '1.0'
lineLayer = QgsSymbolLayerV2Registry.instance().symbolLayerMetadata("SimpleLine").createSymbolLayer(props)

Does anyone have any idea how to check the "draw line only inside polygon" checkbox?

Please see attached image. Qgis layer properties

  • This worked props['draw_inside_polygon'] = '1'. – Peter Odd May 31 '16 at 9:49
  • You should consider posting your comment as an answer and then accepting it (which can only be done 2 days after first posting the question) =) – Joseph May 31 '16 at 10:48

To set "Draw line only inside polygon" using python I used

props['draw_inside_polygon'] = '1'

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