I am aware that GeoServer comes with the feature of 'Configuring HTTP Header Proxy Authentication'. However, I only understand how to customize the 'Header attribute', but the not the 'Header value'.

For example, the "sdf09rt2s: admin":

  • Header attribute is 'sdf09rt2s'
  • Header value is 'admin'

How can I create more Header value? (such as: 'user1', 'user2', etc)


I got it. It involves few steps:

  1. Add a new role (eg: testRole)
  2. Add a new user under 'Users,Groups,Roles' tab (eg: testUser)
  3. Assign the new role to the new user
  4. Add a new rule under the Service access rules list.

The access right is based on Role. So, if you want a user to be able to access it, it is required to Assign the role to that user (which i forgot before i post the question).

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