I want to assign projection to shapefile in my web C# application, for this i am using Gdal/OGR/OSR C# bindings and add osr_csharp.dll and ogr_csharp.dll references. But i am facing some difficulty while writing the code for assigning projection to shapefile. I want to know is there any API documentation for this which can help me to understand the classes/methods of these libraries. OR if anybody have some piece of code for assigning projection to shapefile , then it will be great help for me.


This directory in the GDAL project tree has some C# examples, specifically this one that might suit your needs.


You can find the GDAL API documentation here
There is an GDAL API tutorial here
The OGR API documentation is here
The OSR API documentation is here

All the links you need for GDAL can be reached from http://www.gdal.org/
All the links you need for OGR/OSR can be reached from http://www.gdal.org/ogr/

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