After installing QGIS (that from the 2.14 version has pip installed by default) I want to automatically install some pip packages within a bat file.

One method to do that is writing a file.txt with all the needed packages, open the OSGEO Shell as admin, cd in the directory of the file.txt and launch python -m pip -r file.txt

How do I make a bat file that automatically runs the Shell ad admin without asking for the password (that is the same behavior of right click and run as administrator)?

  • Is this OSGeo Shell specific? Otherwise I think stackoverflow might be more appropriate – underdark Sep 5 '16 at 16:12
  • actually I'd like to do it with the OSGeo Shell yes.. Should I move the question anyway? – matteo Sep 5 '16 at 16:31

If the only problem is running a program with administrator privileges, then yes you can do it. There are many guides on the web, on "how-to run shortcuts with admin rights", and each of those guides have 1 thing in common. You enter the password once, and when the shortcut is ran again, the password prompt shouldn't appear. I used the guide found here.

When you create a new shortcut, a new prompt should appear, which will ask for the user-info/application path:

runas /user:computer_name\Administrator /savecred “C:\your_script_path\script.bat”

Now the /savecred should save the password, making the next shortcut run password free while being ran with administrator privileges.

I assumed that you are using a windows OS. If you are on a Unix based OS, I will reform my answer.

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