I've made an example leaflet project using a custom icon loading an image from the internet:


As soon as I try to load something from my hard drive, however, the image won't load. This is how I'm trying to load it.

var offerIcon = new OfferIcon(
    { iconUrl: "C:\image.jpg"});

L.marker([0, 0], {icon: offerIcon}).addTo(markers).bindPopup(name);

I know that JS fiddle won't load this -- it's on my hard drive. I just put up the example to show that, minus that path, everything else is working fine.

Is there something I'm missing about paths with Leaflet?


At Matej's suggestion, I tried putting an icon in the same folder as my template and referencing it like so:

var offerIcon = new OfferIcon(
    { iconUrl: "image.jpg"});

Still not working.


URLs must have a scheme (also called protocol). In most cases, the scheme is http:// or https://. If you do not specify a scheme, a browser will interpret that as a relative path, resolving it with the current scheme and hostname.

So if you have a webpage such as http://localhost/test/foo.html, and in that webpage is an image reference like <img src='C:/users/me/image.jpg'>, the full URL of the image will be resolved to http://localhost/test/C:/users/me/image.jpg.

If you want to use local files, remember to use the file:// URL scheme, e.g.: <img src='file:///C:/users/me/image.jpg'>.

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  • That's good to know. Unfortunately, I'm still having my problem. I logged what the URL ends up like: "icon name is: file:///C:\django\website\media\images\offer_icons\46\foxes.jpg" Everything in the path is correct. – David J. Sep 19 '16 at 10:46
  • Use the "network" tab of your browser's developer console to see what's going on. – IvanSanchez Sep 19 '16 at 14:07
  • I know it's been a while, but I came back to this and looked at the network tab. what's strange is that, when I don't prepend the "file://" string, an error in loading is shown in the network tab. When I do prepend it, there are no errors displayed, but it doesn't show any image being loaded from the url. – David J. Sep 26 '16 at 22:26

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