I have a very large dataset containing a very large area. I have two files; one that is area specific shapefile and a standalone table that I have joined to the shapefile. Earlier, I have run feature class to feature class to make the join permanent but in this instanse, my computer runs out of memory way before I even get close.

What I want to do, is to make ArcGIS Pro run on smaller areas at a time and collect it all in a permanent file. For example; I have county as another feature and I thought I could do something like this:

Run feature class to feature class on the original file join with the standalone table by county 1 and then make the output, then by county 2, then by county 3 and so on. I think I need to make it run over specific selections but I can't seem to make it run automatically over all the counties and then make it in one big file.

Can anyone help me in understanding how to make this work?

  • Please clarify your question: Is county an attribute in the shapefile? what selections are you making? Could you use objectid to chunk the data instead? Conceptually you need to make a view of the data using a definition query/selection, join the table and export, then change definition query and append to existing feature class using a field map. – Ben S Nadler Sep 19 '16 at 20:22

Run a spatial join on your feature class and the counties feature class to collect the county attribute for each of your features.

Put the output into model builder. Add iterator - iterate feature selection. Set group by column as counties.

Add feature class to feature class conversion tool. Input the output from the iterator. Name the output feature class %Value% to name each feature class with county. Output the feature classes to file GDB.

Make a new model. Add iterator - feature classes. Connect the output to the append tool to append all the datasets into one.

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