In google maps, I want to use map.getBounds() and take those values and query my PostGIS instance for all line segments that intersect that range. I am doing something wrong. I tried:

SELECT * FROM pipeline_denorm
WHERE pipeline_denorm.wkb_geometry &&
        -121.76986352563478, 37.85809027719253, 
        -121.19308129907228, 38.07462286323802, 4326), 

based on a little research. Unfortunately no results are being returned and I am certain there is data that should be being returned. These are LineStrings. Basically want any record that contains a point within the bounding box.

  • Double check the SRID of your geometry: SELECT ST_SRID(pipeline_denorm.wkb_geometry) FROM pipeline_denorm LIMIT 1; or look at the column type in pgAdmin – kttii Nov 8 '16 at 17:35

It looks like you copied the SQL from here, but it is not clear that you need the ST_Transform to SRID of 2223. Use the SQL @kttii included in a comment, and replace the 2223 with that number.

The way you have it written with the && operator, you are comparing bounding boxes rather than the line itself. This may give you unexpected results if a line curves around a lot. I suspect you would prefer ST_Intersects, so you would have something like this:

FROM pipeline_denorm

You only need to add the ST_Transform if the SRID of the wkb_geometry column is different than 4326.

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