I am looking for administrative divisions' shapefile for Italy for QGIS. I found one which is a bit old with some inconsistencies.

Can anyone please suggest a database to find better (or newer) shapefiles?


You may download the data using the "WFS Services" of the National Geoportal, following this link:

Catalog Service WFS - The National Geoportal

and using the URL from "Unita' amministrative regionali, provinciali e comunali".


You may have a look at the GADM database, but sometimes shapefiles have inaccuracies too

  • Thank you but this was the shapefile that I sad has some discrepancies :D – Arbo94 Dec 14 '16 at 15:59

here is the work done by Franco Morelli http://www.opendatabassaromagna.it/2016/12/i-confini-dei-comuni-italiani-al.html


Thank you all! I had used all these websites before I wrote here. The thing is that Italy has changed its administrative boundaries in 2016, and there is not a (free?!) shapefile map in the internet of the new boundaries.

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