I want to use GeoNetwork CSW HTTP services from a full Java stack client, and not web client, mainly to use HTTP transactional service.

I'm always redirected on the login HTML page after making a post login request with the proper credential. I receive session id cookies correctly, and I provide it to next level transactional POST request, but I always receive the login HTML page as answer.

My use case is to fill up the CSW catalog in a programmatic way, and not using the web sheet.

Does any tutorial exist on that way of working with GeoNetwork CSW?


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Recently, I feel, I had a similar problem, connecting to the GeoNetwork q-interface. The question is posted here.

Maybe it helps to review this and my own answer about my findings.

My problem was, that GeoNetwork does a couple of redirects when calling the authorization endpoint. Somehow, I wasn't following them correctly.

After all, I ended up calling http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.signin to receive a session id, which I can use in turn to access the private datasets.

However, I still use credentials in every request (which are validated against the mentioned endpoint) but the session id should be valid too.

I now also use this in a setting to call GeoNetwork CSW endpoint.


If you want to use Java in order to implement a CSW client use the following library


A simple example of a CSW GetRecords request with a *CQL filter would be the following:

        /** The csw server. */
        private final CatalogServicesClient cswServer;
        log.info("[CSWClient] getRecords - Constructing request...");
        final GetRecordsRequest getRecords = cswServer.createGetRecords();

        // gmd:MD_Metadata or csw:Record

        // CQL_TEXT or FILTER



        // OUTPUT FORMAT

        // OUTPUT SCHEMA
        // DC: http://www.opengis.net/cat/csw/2.0.2 or
        // ISO: http://www.isotc211.org/2005/gmd

        // HITS or VALIDATE or RESULTS



*CQL is the Common Query Language

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