I want to know how to import points from QGIS into AutoCAD. My points have certain coordinates for X and Y and when importing them into AutoCAD they should have the same coordinates as in QGIS.

Is there any easy and fast way to do this?

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You can just "save As" your point layer to a DXF file from QGIS by right click on the layer. Be sure the CRS is right. After that, you can import this DXF file to AutoCAD.

Save As


you also can use the OSgeo4W Shell:

  • Navigate to your folder where your shapefile is located

  • use this comand:

    ogr2ogr -f DXF output.dxf input.shp

  • ignore the warnings you will get

  • you can also add a height field with the zfield argument like this:

    ogr2ogr -f DXF output.dxf input.shp -zfield hight


For all details visit here How to plot AutoCad drawing in google earth | Create Kml , Kmz file

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