Please help me in following issue. I need to import a polyline shapefile into Postgres9.1 through shp2pgsql command.When i did like this, i got an error as

"NOTICE: CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "new2_gid_seq" for serial column "new2.gid" NOTICE: ALTER TABLE / ADD PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "new2_pkey" for table "new2" Query result with 1 row discarded. Query returned successfully with no result in 1063 ms.

because of this error, i couldn't able to do further processes.Please madam do needful thing![enter image description here][1]

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Actually, that "1 row discarded" is not an error. It is just a message indicating that one of the SQL statements returned a record that was discarded in the transaction.

If you were to run something very simple like the following in pgAdmin...


The messages returned would be...

Query result with 1 row discarded.

Query result with 1 row discarded.

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