I would like to add several coordinates at specific British National Grid Easting and Northing values. I know this can be done by bringing in a .csv, but I want to know is there a way to manually enter the numbers in QGIS 3.4, and then the point moves to that location ? I've read that in QGIS 2.x there was a plugin called Numerical Vertex Editor that doesn't seem to exist for 3.x ?


In QGIS 3.x, create a point, choose the node tool, right-click on a snapped point and select Vertex editor. A new panel appear and you can enter the true coordinates.


The node tool has been mentioned. If you are in projected coordinate system, you can also use the "Advanced Digitizing panel" and lock the X and Y fields. Use the second button to lock continuously. Then your point will go to these coordinates.

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    The only restriction for this tool is to work with a projected coordinate system. It's no use with WGS 84 for example. In this case, the British National Grid is a projected SCR, it will work. Feb 14 '19 at 7:55
  • Indeed, I added your note.
    – etrimaille
    Mar 11 '19 at 11:36

There is a neat plugin that does a fantastic one-dialog job, Lat Lon Tools. Would be great if it was Core.

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