I have POSTGIS="2.4.3 r16312" on my linux server and I need to upgrade it to POSTGIS="2.4.4 r16526" or any newer version. I use the following:


but it gives me the apparante message:

version "2.4.3" of extension "postgis" is already installed

Would you plesae let me know if how to upgrade the PostGIS version?

  • How did you install the new PostGIS version? – CL. Apr 30 at 11:16
  • $ sudo apt-get install postgis – Nabat Farsi May 2 at 4:13
  • Which version did you install (what is the output of apt list postgis)? – CL. May 2 at 6:22

You need to also include the version number using the TO 'x.x.x'

Where 'x.x.x' is the new version. Note the ' (single quotes) are required as it's a string being used.

From the PostgreSQL ALTER EXTENSION documentation:

ALTER EXTENSION extension_name UPDATE [ TO new_version ]

  • it gives a new error that ** extension "postgis" has no update path from version "2.4.3" to version "2.4.4"**. I tried to "2.4.4 r16526" and same message. I know this version exists because that is what I have installed on windows. – Nabat Farsi Apr 25 at 22:44
  • its having trouble finding the update script. there is a SQL file that that command calls for one postgis version to another. – SaultDon Apr 26 at 2:24

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