I wanted to upload the OSM file from my local machine to server using osm2pgsql, but the data is not imported.

I have just created the database s1(no table), do I need to create the table also, if yes how?

My osm2pgsql query

osm2pgsql -c -d osm -U s1 --password xx -k -H yy  /home/g/Downloads/niedersachsen-latest.osm.pbf pbf -r -S /home/g/default.style -s

I am getting an error

Osm2pgsql failed due to ERROR: Unknown file format '-S'.
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    Please Edit the question to specify the error behavior ("not able to do it" is not useful) – Vince May 1 at 10:50
  • I have updated the question – GAUTAM KISHORE SHAHI May 1 at 11:26
  • does default.style exist? – Fran Raga May 1 at 11:38
  • I took a hint from a website and default. style I took it from GitHub, please suggest any other alternative, I need to import .osm.pbf – GAUTAM KISHORE SHAHI May 1 at 11:44
  • if that's the exact command then your syntax is wrong (e.g. it has to be -r pbf)! write that command more carefully. and check for unnecessary spaces. – ThingumaBob May 1 at 12:18

You can get the description of each command line parameter here or by running the command osm2pgsql -h -v

The parameter -r has the following description:

-r|--input-reader    Input format.
                        auto      - Detect file format. (default)
                        o5m       - Parse as o5m format.
                        xml       - Parse as OSM XML.
                        pbf       - OSM binary format.

In your command the value pbf is written before the -r, so it fails. You can put the parameter/value in the proper order or remove both of them, relying on the auto-detect default option.

osm2pgsql -c -d osm -U s1 --password xx -k -H yy  /home/g/Downloads/niedersachsen-latest.osm.pbf -r pbf  -S /home/g/default.style -s
  • Hello, thank you, that error is solved but getting another error Osm2pgsql failed due to ERROR: Open failed for 'password': No such file or directory – GAUTAM KISHORE SHAHI May 1 at 17:28
  • don't write the password (xx) in the command line, it will be prompted. – JGH May 1 at 18:04
  • it worked, thanks :) – GAUTAM KISHORE SHAHI May 1 at 20:42

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