I have two 2 datasets:

  1. A shapefile with many polygons. They all have an ID.
  2. A table (.csv) that has one column with IDs.

I need to select all Polygons in 1) that are mentioned in the column of table (2)).

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do it. Select by location does not work, because I cannot display the table (because its just a table).

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    You add your csv table to the map document convert it to a proper table then build a RELATE between the table and your spatial dataset. Suggest you explore the help file on relates, that is how you pass a selection between tables. – Hornbydd Aug 20 at 14:53
  • I managed. The problem was that the table was not editable really. So PolyGeos "convert it to a proper table" kind of helped. My solution was: 1) Copy Rows 2) Add column with value 1 3) Join this table to the big dataset 4) Select all rows with a 1 in the new column Done. Thank you!! – Canna Aug 21 at 10:44

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