In OpenStreetMap, I have a multipolygon OSM feature with its relation ID 6040040 (example).

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How do I calculate the area of a such features using QGIS?

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    I don't know how I can unflag this question. You can use the QuickOSM plugin in QGIS and use this query (relation(6040040);>;);out body;. Then you get a new polygon layer. In QGIS, use the Identify tool, it will give you the area ellipsoidal in sqaure meters. – etrimaille Oct 22 at 19:13
  • @etrimaille question has been reopened if you would like to expand your comment into an answer – Midavalo Oct 22 at 20:38

You can download the QuickOSM plugin in QGIS.

Then, in the Query panel, use the following query:

(relation(6040040);>;);out body;

quickosm plugin

This will give your polygon layer with the OSM object inside. You can use the Identify tool in QGIS, the small blue i, click on your feature and then expand the Derived information. You can find the area ellipsoidal in square meters. identify tool in qgis

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