I have a huge sewer network with pipe information, labelled for example as "pvc400" (where material=Pvc and diameter=400). Is it possible to split up the information into text and numbers only, so that i create two new columns, 1 with information about material "pvc" and one with the diameter "400"?

  • Will the structure of your field always be that 'simple' ? – snaileater Jan 29 at 9:43
  • yes, always pvc400, pvc200, ac200... – Franziska-Posch Jan 29 at 9:46

To calculate that fields you can use regex function regexp_substr(). In the field calculator create new field with expressions:

  1. For retrieving text characters (non-digits)


This takes from "pvc400" only "pvc"

  1. For retrieving numbers (digits) with


This takes from "pvc400" only "400"

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