I know this is pretty much a duplicate of Can you hide attribute columns in QGIS? but I have about 100 columns I want to hide so right clicking each column - Hide is not ideal.

Isn't there a way to hide many columns, then unhide the ones I want to see, like this in ArcMap: enter image description here

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Right click on a column name, as you do to hide a single column, but choose "Organize Columns..." instead.

Click "Deselect All" (The Select All and Deselect All buttons only appear if you have a lot of columns, otherwise you have to untick them individually).

IMPORTANT: Tick at least one column back on.

Click OK.

If you don't tick one column back on then you can not get any columns back:

How to show hidden columns in QGIS 3.6.1 (?)

At least until the fix is live:



Fix has been merged into Master, so should be in the next version of QGIS 3.14. Should be backported into 3.10 LTR, and possibly 3.12.

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