So I have an indicatrix covering a world map for the purpose of illustrating distortions for different projections. I want the circles of the indicatrix to share the same gradient fill color, as opposed to each having their own individual gradient fill. To clarify, here is a picture of the indicatrix:

enter image description here

Notice that each circle has its own individual gradient fill. What I want to do is have QGIS treat them all as part of the same shape, so that a single gradient fill is spread out across them all. To visualize this, take the gradient fill for this circle:

enter image description here

...and then use the indicatrix to "clip" the circle without actually changing the fill. (I literally tried this already fyi. Just creates an visually identical shapefile to the indicatrix.)

I figured all I had to do was dissolve my indicatrix shapefile to a single feature and it would replicate this result, but apparently the issue is more complex than that. Can anyone enlighten me?

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With corresponding settings, this can be easily done, see screenshot below. My settings are as follows:

  • Gradient type: Radial
  • Coord mode: Viewport
  • Spread: Repeat
  • Reference point 1: 0.5 for x and y
  • Reference point 2: 0.5 for x and 0 for y

This is what you get: enter image description here


Perhaps set the coord mode option to Viewport, see section Coordinate Modes in this website.

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