I need to calculate the gradient in major European highways. Fot this I need altitude data for each highway, let's say every 100 meters. Are there such kind of data publicly available? If not, I am also interested in commercial ones.

I have already tried to use DEM GeoTIFF images, but since the DEM depicts the "bare earth", they are not accurate enough for my purpose.

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    If it’s open data that you seek then I think the place to ask is the Open Data Stack Exchange.
    – Ian Turton
    May 18 '20 at 11:10
  • What's wrong with the shuttle SRTM data? Other, than that it is a bit outdated.
    – Erik
    May 18 '20 at 11:17
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    To my understanding the SRTM data show the "bare earth", while the highways may reside in a different "layer". For example, a highway is almost level even if it passes through a hilly territory. Bridges and tunnels are also missing from the DEM. Am I wrong? Does the SRTM has such details?
    – eblOnSO
    May 18 '20 at 12:40
  • GrapHopper API has routes with Elevation (source graph.elevation.provider=srtm) see docs.graphhopper.com/#operation/getRoute
    – Mapperz
    May 18 '20 at 15:16

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