Is it possible to make a new column and store only the numbers in the column "GNR" i.e. removing (1: ))?

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With a proper regexp term using the regexp_substr() function:

 to_int( regexp_substr( "GNR", ':([^)]+)\)' ) )

that retrieves all characters between : & ) like so:

  • :: match sequence must start with this character
  • (: start retrieving sub-string
  • [^)]+: collect all characters that are not )
  • ): end retrieving sub-string
  • \): match sequence must end with this character (escaped because ) is a meta character)

Use one of these expressions:

replace (replace (GNR, '(1:',''),')','')

left (substr( GNR,4),length('GNR')-1)

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