I am using ArcGIS Pro.

I want to draw a line at the starting and ending of elevation, and then use straight line interpolation to assign the rest of the line an elevation.

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    It is not possible!
    – nagib
    Sep 20 at 19:44

To achieve this you need 3D Analyst and also elevation model:

arcpy.InterpolateShape_3d("DEM", "ROADS", "in_memory/road_3d")
arcpy.AddGeometryAttributes_management("road_3d", "LINE_START_MID_END")
arcpy.FeatureTo3DByAttribute_3d("road_3d", "in_memory/LINEAR_3D", "START_Z", "END_Z")

So for the road shown:

enter image description here

it will result in:

enter image description here

Note: If you know elevations at line ends, you'll need just one tool, that is feature to 3d by attribute(s).

This is actually a very primitive way of 'DEM burning' used by many applications.

  • So if I have a line, I can create 2 new fields (elevation at start and end of line) and use this to create my line with 3D attributes? How could I then turn that line into say 20 points, with each point containing an elevation value?
    – jcholly
    Sep 20 at 21:31
  • Use feature vertices to points, add Z information. Two tools.
    – FelixIP
    Sep 20 at 21:55

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